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Sunday, March 13, 2011

♥ February Haul

Yes! February haul. Haha. I've been procrastinating i know. Anyway, these are the stuff i got during the Feb. month. I've got some other stuff that I didn't include in this photo session such as some other clothes and shoes. Heehee. I'm loving everything in these photos! I apologize as I only used my phone's camera to take these pics. My real camera went dead when I took the first photo.

[L-R: Equate moisturizing lotion spf 15, MAC Blot Powder in medium, NARS Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer (sample), MAC 130 brush, MUFE Mat Velvet+ in #40, MUFE Duo Mat powder foundation in #207, Tokidoki mints, NYX Mega Shine lip gloss in Sponge Cake and NARS Madly blush]

[Pink by Victoria's Secret Fresh and Clean Body Mist and Lotion]

I seriously LOOOVE this scent. It reminds me of Penshoppe's (a clothing company in the Philippines) Smells Like Baby in Bianca cologne. I was inlove with that cologne back in high school and college. When I came to Canada, I missed the smell of that cologne so i asked my cousin if they could send me some Smells Like Baby cologne but unfortunately, Penshoppe decided to discontinue the Bianca scent. Shame on you, Penshoppe. LOL. So anyway, one time, my ex-co-worker had this scent and i kinda freaked out because it was extremely similar to SLB-B. She showed me her bottle then here i go.. i now have this SLB-B dupe, the heaven-sent Fresh and Clean scent from Pink by VS. Heehee. :)

[Tops from Bluenotes and Undies from Pink by VS (wrapped in tissue paper)]

These tops were so cheap; they were 5 for $10. Undies were cheap too; they were 10 for $20. Talking about bargain! ♥

[Top/Dress and Cardigan from Urban Planet]

[Hard Candy bronzer in Heat Wave]

So there you go, those are most of the stuff I got last February. I'll try to eliminate blogging laziness to give life to this blog. Haha. Special shout [it] out! to Laarnaay :)

love. JOY. peace.
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