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Monday, January 3, 2011

♥ temptu :(

a couple of weeks ago, my friend got the temptu airbrush system from sephora. she tried it on me and it looked really good. altho i felt like it wasn't a full coverage foundation and didn't really hide some of my redness, it still looked good on me. anyway, i wore it for like 6 hours before i washed my face.. then went to bed (tmi i know lol). when i got up in the morning, lo and behold, i have found 5 zits on my face. :( i was at first in denial that it was the temptu's fault because in my mind i was like "how can this expensive foundation make my face break out?" i was thinking maybe it was just the normal mac pro longwear that i've been trying out (i got a sample from mac); as i've read a lot of not good reviews about mac's foundations. i didn't mention this to my friend as she is really ecstatic with temptu. she wasn't even liking the mac pro longwear samples we got. anyway, i continued (i still am) using the mac pro longwear sample and it didn't (still isn't) give me any problems.. like what temptu had given me. apparently, mac pro longwear has been very very good to me! but this is another story. so i was really thinking that it was the temptu's fault why i have a couple of visible blemishes right now. :(

my question is.. have u tried temptu? did it give u the same problem? please share me your experiences with temptu.. it'll be great! heehee

*temptu airbrush system image is from stylebust.com

love. JOY. peace.
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