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Friday, July 30, 2010

♥ MissKC027 Contest Entry For July

Here are my answers to Kim's month of July giveaway..

1. What is make-up for you?
- For me, makeup is something that actually helps boost my confidence. Although, I'm not saying that without makeup, I have no confidence at all, lol. It also allows me to be creative when thinking of a look that i want or should create. I also love how it can make me look and feel mature, as i look like a child without makeup because of my tiny feature, heehee.

2. What is your makeup routine?
- My makeup routine is very simple. After I clean and moisturize my face, I apply: primer, concealer, powder-foundation, eyeliner, curl my lashes, mascara, bronzer, tiny bit of face highlighter, blush, lip balm and lastly lipstick. for some reason, i hardly use lip gloss anymore.

Tomorrow is the last day of July, so hurry if you want to join as it will also end tomorrow. *hold it* I believe Kim extended the deadline to next week. So you still have a chance to join! :) If you want to join HERE is the link to her contest. Have fun! ♥

love. JOY. peace.
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